Father of Mine


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Dear dad,

To this very day,

There is so much to say,

Pen to paper,

No ink,

Please don't go away.


Dear dad,

Each step means no less,

It matters not to me,

Blood is no ocean, 

One's own heart fills no seas.


Dear dad,

You are a part of our home, 

You do so much for us,

I can not thank you enough.

When days get cold, 

you are the warmth,


Life Lessons,


I tell no bluff,

It must be tough, 

I am so greatful,

For all the small stuff. 


Dear dad,

Through my life, 

good fathers are hard to find, 


Mother found us one,

just in time.

They all leave,

Do not say please,

No mention, 

No cry,

No reason why,

The scars here to stay,

Please don't go away.


Dear dad, 

I am bound to age,

Bound to break ups,

To make ups,

Thousands of wake ups.

I will have to leave soon,

It will be fearsome at first,

But I will be immune,

Because I have had the best father to teach me the way, 

He is an affable smile,

An abundant bouquet,

And he is here to stay.


Dear dad,

There is so much to say,

Pen to paper,

Blood ink, 

Please don't go away...

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My family
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