Father Forgive Them

Lord forgive them.They know not what they've done. White hands. The white man is not careful with guns.  Melanin is made of gold and they are blind to that. They see our coils and see danger.They see our skin and feel fear. Fear that we are capable of ripping power from them if we attempted.It's all about power. They keep us separated. They kill us. They hide the truth. That's why we only learn about white heroes in our classrooms. Seems like our history stops at slavery if it isn't Black History Month.Then for 28 days a white man can pretend to give a fuck. When February ends, it's the same shit again. It's back to killing our men. They try to kill us daily. Stay woke. Where do you find fast food restaurants the most? The same communities that can't  afford better. Close to us minorities. They are making us unhealthy. They can't always kill us with guns so they find a way to become wealthy while force feeding heart disease and diabetes. There’s a reason these diseases run in our families. Stay woke. Who do you think is convicted the most? We can't speak up behind bars. We can't grow behind bars. We can't progress behind bars. Doesn't this country promise growth and progression? Can the American Dream apply to me? Stay woke. Stay present. Our marching has them restless. Our community. Our unity. They can't handle us in numbers. All we have is each other. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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