Wed, 01/09/2019 - 17:15 -- Rheos

Wow!! It's been years already!
I am still alive!
And I still can see!
Looks like this vision has been permanent,
like a marker it's engraved in my life.

Who be this Hero!
Whine this saviour!
Who be this man of Change!!
This is a man with so many attributes!!
And in there lies more!
For the world is yet to experience more of who he is..
This man, is my Father!

He is my God on earth!
Not by words!
Indeed you are!
You built me I always will say,
From the worst to the best..
From the last to the first.

How often would you get that in this world!
That shows how precious you are!
Indeed you are a true gem!!
I love you Father!!
Me being successful, means the world has been given to you!!
I am proud because I have a Father..
Words cannot say all but then Father, I love you.
No matter the times and seasons!!
You are the one!

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My family
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