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There is nothing that can keep me from believing
There is no one that can change my heart
I can say that the Lord is my Savior
But are my actions following my words?
My heart says I love my Heavenly Father
My mind throws daggers of discontent
Will God give me hope?
Will I feel the joy that my God provides?
There are so many feelings
They consume my soul
How can I turn this around?
I need my Savior
I need my Father
No one else can transform me
I have to rely on my merciful King,
To forgive anything I have done,
And wipe my slate clean
I must give my heart to my savior
So I can see hope
And I can feel loved…

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This was mainly inspired by the fire in my heart to understand the power of God and the love that I cannot live without. For the past few years I have been too content in my faith and I have not been fighting for it and standing up for the God I know created me! I know there is much controversy in religion these days, but this is not only a religion it is my life. I am willing to talk to anyone about my faith and share the love and hope of the gift that God has given to us. I can call him my father and I know that he will never leave me no matter how awful I treat him. Who else do you know that will stay with you even when you spit back in their face EVERYDAY?!?


I love this. :) 

Deja Marshawna Anderson

Love It!!

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