fatgirl dancing

I am fatgirl dancing

dancing for she knows

the world would rather she stay still

though that is not acceptable

I will dance in the fountains

of the hopeful home that betrayed me

and I will dance any and everywhere else

since defying laws of gravity

and flying through the atmosphere

are powerful things that scare the world

and on its own it makes me happy

I am fatgirl dancing



I really like your poetry.  I feel like I am peeking in your head.  Your words are expressive and insightful.  Cool.


I am fatgirl dancing

It is scary but necessary

heart taking wing

body heavy and wary


And when the world see

will they laugh? I dont care

I feel happy and free

A beautiful dancing Bear. 




your peotry sings to me

and fills up my heart

In reply I answer

I enjoy taking part :) 

art_reborn 24

I like this poem, it's uplifting and strong.


Lovely <3



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