Fate Cracks Your Fingertips.

Sometimes you fall in love with someone at the wrong time.

Sometimes you see that pair of brown eyes

for the last time and you’ll fall.


And deeper.

And you always have that little bit of hope

that one day they’ll come back for you

or they’ll wait for you…

But they don’t

And that’s what us as teenagers need to understand.

We can’t put our life on hold for the people who don’t care.

We can’t change our future to adapt to someone else’s.

I know it’s hard because you think that this person is always going to hold you,

But they’re gonna leave, and who wants that?

Who wants to be left in the rain at 2 am on a school night.

Who wants to cry into their pillow so hard that you can’t even sleep from how sobbing it is.

And who wants to turn so cold that there heart stops beating,

and there finger tips never feel the sense of warmth

from another person’s skin because they’re hurt,

they’re cracking

and they’re bleeding

from the pain and there’s nothing we can do about it.

All we can do is stare into the never ending world

of chaos and destruction

and hope one day that these cracked finger tips

will one day heal.

We can hope that one day our heart will beat again…

And we’ll pray that the glass we walk on will soon turn to rubber.

We’ll pray that the snow will stay outside and not inside us.

We’ll try to water the flowers in our lungs

but how can you water the flowers with tears

and hope that they’ll be beautiful?

The tears are not of joy, they’re full of hate and destruction.

The flowers will grow thorns

and turn black

like the world around us and we will never be happy again.

I say all these terrible words

To you

Hoping that you will understand the pain

And the torment

Of a terrible relationship.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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