The ones so fearful of losing power so many centuries ago 

Saw beautiful creatures times two, such a grand foe

This is where it began, the treachery to split the souls in half

Four arms, four legs, two heads, two hearts, that was the math


For now it has been many centuries and some have forgotten or merely appear to condone 

As though they cannot hear the loud dissonance to be one alone

Historians, romantics, literature enthusiasts, and even philosophers are curious to know

If there is much more to understand in the mourning weeps of a widow


Is there any truth to the fear of the gods and a power between soul mates

That true love is to be banished from so many individuals fates 

Fighting against these odds my heart sought to find love for the first time

Turns out, like many others, it was not my souls time to shine


After years of false hopes turned to heartache, I began to question if I was chasing a figment of light, the rainbow

Apps flooded my screen: Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match, and so many more. As one last shot before I moved on solo 

When one caught my eye and even a laugh as I clicked install I mumbed “Why not, it’s free”

OkCupid, that’s right let’s see if there is any one your bow can find for me


For years it seemed as though Cupid was slacking, his bow was broke, or he just gave up trying

In his defense it was over the course of years of my growth as a person and I was ever changing

A few short years ago I found the app again and as it always happens usernames and logins got misplaced

So it seemed the perfect time to show Cupid the kind of person I became with the new face


It was the same as before, astrological signs, questions to match you with someone who has similar likes and enough difference to keep everything exciting

Finding great friends and enduring learning experiences around every bend was wonderful but it seemed no one was the right one, my heart was sighing

Till a message came through when OKCupid was dormet and neglected in the technology storage

It was boredom that overtook my mind and led to my fingertips scrolling through my apps when OKCupid was there again, hinting there was a message


Life seems to be a grand excuse but saying a few short words during Summertime boredom 

I left Cupid on his own not realizing how patient was that Knight Handsome

But the month of my birth marking another year older, I decided to move on from Cupids bow

As my finger shivered over the uninstall, curiosity was fully in stow


Deciding I could allow my mind to have a look as there wouldn't be much to see

To my amazement I saw a message from him as though it was waiting to be freed

A phone number as if it was a hand to grasp for stability 

Alright, Cupid. Let’s see if this is the man to be my hearts remedy


One short nervous “Hello?” quickly became hours of deep conversations

Smiles filled my days and nights as though it was the only emotion

We became official and my Knight Handsome brings light to my life everyday

Through storms and droughts, it is by his side that I want to stay


Cupid may be but a fun app to fill boredom 

But it has me living in a kingdom

The gods many centuries ago may have torn creatures apart with such fear and hate

But it is fate that you find your other half, just as I found my soulmate


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