FATAL Attractiom

Look at her, she is quite the catch,
Prayed up, successful, and educated;
She has radiance that cannot be matched
As she presses on and be celebrated.


That sister is
Fairest Among Ten Thousand…


So humble in life and its complete nuance,
She does not dwell on trials of the past;
An inspiration she has been in congruence 
To those whom had various stones to cast.


That sister is
Altogether Lovely…


She is
Adah, the daughter of Jephthah
She is
Electa, the mother of maidens
She is 
Martha, the sister of Lazarus
She is
Ruth, the widow of  Mahlon
She is
Esther, the wife of Ahasuerus


She is indeed the sister of the Eastern Star.


…fairest among ten thousand altogether lovely. 

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