F-A-T has been used so negatively

I don’t get why we can’ embrace our weight

Society has broken our young minds to

Believe that we have to be perfect

Being fat is not a crime

Being skinny is not a crime

Being yourself is not a crime


The number on the scale should

Not define who I am

That number should not be a serial number

Carved into my skin

Just because I’m fat doesn’t

Mean I can’t be beautiful

Just because you’re skinny doesn’t

Mean you can’t be beautiful



F-A-T has been haunting me my

Whole life

Killing my soul

Killing my heart

Killing everything about me



F-A-T can make a huge impact on lives

At times I believed that this

World was too small for the

Cow staring back at me every time

I looked in a mirror


This world is so cruel to the

People who don’t meet the

Criteria for being a

Perfect person

I don’t want to be trapped in

This hell hole we live in we

Live in


I can’t take this anymore



F-A-T should not bring me down

Fat is not a bad word but

Everyone expected it to be

Fat will no longer be able to hurt me

I am who I am can’t you accept that?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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