i wonder where you are 

i wonder how you been 

i hope you aint to far 

cuz i wanna feel your skin

say i wanna feel your touch 

yea i wanna feel your love

wanna feel your energy 

cuz i havent felt enough 

yea i know times were rough 

ill admit my mistakes 

but i will never give up

ill do whatever it takes 

you know its been a while 

but it feels like yesterday 

happiness in you i found 

you brought me joy and better days 

you brought me joy and better days 

you brought me joy (you brought me joy)

yea you brought me joy and better days 

when im with you aint no better place 

memories i will not let them fade 

i cherish them all till the end of days 

and even though we went our separate ways 

inside of my heart you were meant to stay 

you became apart of me nearly all of me 

so your presence forever is haunting me 

but the faults on me 

i was fucking up 

so i gotta deal with this and suck it up 

cuz enoughs enough i cant blame you 

i was ungratefull trying to change you 

i was unfaithful and i played you

so dsgraceful i was ashamed to 

and it painfull when i look back 

things that i done wish i took back 

things that i said wich i never meant 

it was out of anger not genuwine 

ever since you left ive been so depressed 

drinking more and ive been eating less 

without you here my heart is beating less 

ive been dying more and ive been breathing less 

cuz i need you 

said i need you 

truly need you 

i really need you 

i need you i really do 

with you not here ive been feeling blue 

my heart feels like an igloo 

my soul is dark like tinted windows 

pitiful how to the fuck i sound 

you were faithful while i fucked around 

this is what i get this is my karma 

what ever happens lord do not harm him 

keep him safe keep your light upon him
i know my wrongs only made him stronger '

my dumb mistakes made him stronger 

this heart break made him love harder 

he deserves all you have to offer 


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