Far Away

Far away is a place

Far back it formed

A great palace, banners are held high

Welcoming the tall and short in harmony


Far away is a land

Far back it appeared

Where lies an endless stream

Shadows of light cast


Far away is an island

Far back it emerged

Eternal is the heart

Asleep is the mind

Where reality is illusory

And imagination is tangible


Far away is a kingdom

Far back the throne established

Where time is on his knees

The soul awakens his eyes at last

Heaven is in a pledged autumn

Thrusting winter by the arms


Far away live the benevolent martyrs

Far back arrived the humble heroes

Forever their blood flows

And their blades cling

Forever they drink

And celebrate their triumph

For the scars they burdened

Became an emblem of rectitude


Far away is a vision

Far back it was dreamt

Where now reach out

Reality walks the gray roads

Smiling its grim lie

And passes the sad trees

Shedding their emerald tears

Penetrating the iron the breasts


Far away I shall reach

Far back I became destined

A gift I await

To break the shackles of life

For man has lost his sense, strength and moral

That he coward in these final hours

And admits the universe not as a modest trial

But as a desiccated volume


Far away, man searches blindly

Far back, disregarding every instance of light

Pretending that there’s a firm ending

To such profound beginnings

Instead of considering a grander commencement

Awaiting at a loyal finale


For far away seems a myth

And far back we only but shed our fur


For faith is a deception

And humanity endures hopelessly,

Trapped in an eternal and empty cycle

Captivating me at my finest, for I reach far away


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