Cheering, they chant for the one they want

Prince! Prince! Prince! 

Who is the prince that they want?

The crowd grows mad, gnashing their teeth just because they desire their favorite freak show


The prince of purgatory

This is my chance


For years I have been searching

Searching for the closing act

While every day I stray further and further from the crowd


I can’t even think without my mind stopping me to think for a second

Why can’t anyone hear my heart beating a mile a minute as I sit here so calmly

Why can’t anyone-


Facing the crowd, stones and knives are thrown at me; they boo and scream obscenities at me. 

The stones hit my knees as the knives hit my back.

They disprove, this is not the show they came to see.


Closed my eyes, held my smile in, I’m about to kill ‘em

Sharpened my breath, clenched my fists, I’m about to drown ‘em

Let the stones and blades come, I can fucking take it

I open my eyes, and all they can do is scream in horror.


Freedom, she locks arms with me and we leave the colosseum 

The show is over, they’re all dead

They saw the real me.

This was the closing act; awoken


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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