Fri, 12/06/2013 - 13:26 -- spatusc


Sometimes I think I’m wasting my time.

I sit around, just tasting my rhymes.

I’m dreaming of the day I’m televised

After coming from the bottom – a poetic surprise.

You see, one day I’m gonna be so famous

That everywhere I go there’s gonna be the same fuss.

“Can I have an autograph?” “Take a picture with me!”

I’ll say, “I’m busy, man! Why can’t you see?”

I wanna be a billionaire on the rise.

I’m gonna be watched by a billion pair of eyes.

I’ll travel the nation, taking a private jet flight.

Explore Cali one day and the Big Apple that night.

After crossing the country I might meet the Pres. in DC.

Then again, Obama doesn’t deserve to meet me.

I’ll pull a Cuban and buy me an NBA team,

Forget Durant and the Thunder, I just want the King.

On vacation I’ll play with my dozen jet skis

And then lay on the sand of a beach owned by me.

I’ll still be writing all day just to clear my head

And you’ll be citing my ways just to use what I said.

I’ll have the Midas touch with all that I write.

Webster would be jealous of a word choice so tight.

And is it fair that I make rhymes sound so right?

Did you take the time to notice I’m white?

I’ll bring home the bacon while doing what I love.

Forget what’s below, look out above!

Even I think it’s impressive I’m this good with rhyme.

Even more impressive is that it takes little time.

See I could write ten poems in half a day.

Other poets are lucky to find four lines that stay.

I’m playing head games to get ahead of the game.

If you don’t understand then you’re either blind or lame.

I wanna get a Rolex – those are so nice.

Then I’ll buy a Lambo – maybe do that twice.

I’ll be the herald hero of the 918.

Or replace KD as the hero of the state.

Maybe I’ll become governor? No… forget government.

They’re just elephants and donkeys that should probably repent.

Colorado has a solution, but it’s not what we need.

We can’t solve all our problems with legalized weed

But this nation will be saved! We have ObamaCare.

Just kidding, do you really think Obama cares?

I’m just tired of this. It’s an abomination!

And yet they try to tell me it’s Obama’s nation.

Heck, I could fix this and set things straight.

Americans might once again celebrate.

If I ran this nation I’d have common sense like Thomas Paine.

I’d be using my brain to help the nation grow and gain.

But I don’t want to be Pres. It’s way too much work.

Running a country would drive me completely berzerk.

I have no doubts at all that I’ll be making bank.

You heard of bodyguards? I’ll have a body-tank.

I’ll write a hundred novels all by myself

And enough poetry to fill an entire shelf.

I’d write a movie script and to pay some actor a share.

He’d complain it’s too small so I’d act like I care.

See there’s hardly anyone who’ll have fame of my level.

You’d have to own Apple, be LeBron, or the Devil.

One way or another, I’ll write my way into fame,

And once I do, the world will never be the same.


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