Family and Friends

Wake up and slam the snooze

Another day for school

Get up and trudge to my closet

Throw on school clothes, I look like a fool

Doesn’t matter, I put on some shoes

Go to my bathroom and turn on the faucet

Brush my teeth and comb my hair

I look up to see a smiling face

With the scent of breakfast in the air


I give a good morning and a kiss on the cheek

Lucky to have my mother’s love for me

Head downstairs and eat pancakes

I say goodbye and walk out the door

Braving for today’s mistakes

But I see my friends and I don’t have to worry anymore

I give them high fives and we talk about recent games


I get up out of bed everyday

For the chance to have a better day

Thankful for my family and my friends

They make me happy and proud

Family love never ends

And I’m glad it was my friends I found

This poem is about: 
My family


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