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Joyful and Hopeful for the future

Abandons you when you are in dire need of help

Helpful in every way

Annoying in different ways

Loving and Supportive

Brings you down

Would never betray you

Hide secrets from you

Protect you from your nightmares

Are your nightmares

Defend your honor against your foes

The ones who destroys your honor

Has your blood running through their veins

May shed your blood for greater things

Are your closets allies

Become strangers as quick as a second

Takes years to become best friends

Takes one minute to become enemies

Loyal to each other

Would go behind your back

Would cut of their hand before they lose you

Would leave you behind for a chance to survive

No one loves you more then them

They love their "friends" more then you

Peaceful and happy holidays

Fighting and miserable holidays

Close but apart

All in All

This is Family






















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