Something I can't do without?, familial trust,

Better than any currency,

That one may pursue currently,

Valuable, dispite the fact it can't buy much,

Sometimes, the only thing left, when the times get tough,

Remember once alcohol was my breath's fragrance,

Everyone except them had me pegged as a vagrant,

They saw my potential, although it was latent,

Always knew what I could be, my head was never vacant,

People put me down, observers would relegate,

My family's belief is what would negate,

My own doubts about my abilities,

Or my quest for financial stability,

Self-degradation and doubt,

are the things I can do without,

My family are those I would keep,

because they keep me from being weak,

Encouragement ; familial regeneration,

is what saves my life, from conflagration.



This poem is about: 
My family


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