Falls Soft Kisses  &

Falls Soft Kisses


       The open heart fills with the rush of the bustling leaves that float lightly

   through the chilly air , changing color whilst softly kissing the ground and the

        swaying trees. Clear blue skies fall over the busy city where the blinded

             souls keep walking, not noticing the beauty in lonely simplicity.

                  While wild wandering minds seek renewal in each inhale

                 of an anticipated breath, an orchestra of dreams

                                  form along the ridges of the changing

                   leaves. Escaping the loud crowd

                                   we feel the warm embrace

                    of Falls soft




above the fierce

world , angels watch on .

All alone , they sing along to the sweet

   rush of the human life , where people rake the beauty away

      from the expanding grounds that are endless in their quest for adventure.

   The breeze as refreshing as the resplendent lungs that suck in the lovely scent of

beauty on a endless starry night. We taste the changing seasons and smell the power of solitude while we dance on a bed of   broken   dreams   and   unknown   feelings.  Unsure of what to expect.. the angels rejoice the interchanging leaves that are still living, knowing that the harsh storm of purities will cause their destruction. Another spectacle bestows itself on the earth   and we embrace                                          falls soft



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