Falling in Love

Falling in love is like blinking an eye

It happens so quick, so suddenly

You don’t realize it’s been done

Your attitude just changes, but it’s like it never did

Like you’ve always been this way

And you can’t remember it any other way

Your heart jumps at their sight

Just a smile from them enlightens you

You want to tell them about your day

Every little detail

You feel like you’ve received the Holy Grail

On top of the world without a single care,

And just trying to hold in your newly-found energy, oh, you simply cannot bare

You must let it out, for all to hear, for all to see

Let it out indefinitely

You don’t see the annoyed glares from passerby

You can’t hear their remarks

All you know of is the brilliance of sparks that burst within you

Now you begin to question-however did i get by before

Everything seems like a lifetime ago, everything appears surreal

Looking back you laugh, with an evangelical zeal, a sentiment

Thankful for the person who’s constantly stuck in your head

On replay, each and every night and day

Just hoping they feel the same way…

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