Falling and Rising

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 01:25 -- tdlaske

A simple smile / Warmer than the sun on my skin / For you I'd swim a mile. / You're a flower in the winter / Too cold to move / Too weighed to stand tall. / A weight to take, / to make my own, / though shadows pass / and the pain grows. / Sacrifice / sadness / agony. / As I wait more / the days grow colder, / but in you I see light / the same you see in me. / Your words raise me / don't let them go. / Beautiful. / In the falling rain I see you / A divine silhouette / but not mine to take. / Your bliss is for others, / but not mine to take. / Scratches on my knees, / blood on the floor. / Joy and pain, / glee and depression. / Your hold made me cold, / your hold made me warm. / No longer may I take it.

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