Looking up at the sky I remember the time
When I received those wings and took flight
Unbound by the earth and finally free
I thought maybe, I could fly higher

And so I did, against the warnings
The adrenaline in my blood made it fall on deaf ears
Climbing higher and higher I could see the palace
Where the gods ruled at their leasure

The pillars pure white adorned with gold
Beautiful music and laughter echoed in their halls
The smell of a on going feast
I thought maybe, I could live with them

Be one of the gods, have them recognize my ambition
But that was not meant to be, I was not one of them
For when they saw me the palace grew silent
The stares of disbelief and anger are burned into my soul

The skies grew hot and my wings fell apart
And now I begin to descend 
A final thought lingered in my mind
I thought maybe, I should have listened


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