Fallacious Intentions

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 17:52 -- skyyren

Beautiful confindent lady
Blissful with her life
Carefree of others;
Speculations, Judgements..
You are strong
Not in the least faulty
Enamoring, trustworthy
Cherished and relied upon

Outside, glancing as I pass by
This is the girl that I see
However, through observation
Pulled nearer by you
Your need, your thirst
Keeping me close..
I realize my inaccuracy

Cruel insecure girl
Bestowing your problems
Opening my eyes to your
Despotic bleak existence
Thrusting onto me,
Your yearn for acceptance
Oh, and how you crave..
Crave that equivalency
Fallacious intentions
Breaking hearts, day to day
To satisify the need
Quenching the angry thirst
Attention is all yours now,
So keep away from me
You, with your bitter lies



The rhythm in your poem was really good. I enjoyed the shift in tone that took place from the first stanza to the third. This poem was very enjoyable!

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