Fall With Me

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 13:39 -- mar0jus

Fall with me, down into the depths of the earth

I want to show you what you are worth

We will meet at the planet’s core

And hear each other’s voices once more


Fall with me, down onto a field of lilies

And although it may seem quite silly,

It feels as though you are right here

But I know you are nowhere near


Fall with me, down from a tall building

As our hearts share in the golden gilding

We will smile as we descend

Because we don’t have to pretend


Fall with me, down into the ocean deep

We’ve awoken and we won’t go back to sleep

It doesn't matter if we can’t swim

We can make all our choices on a whim


Fall with me, down into warm embrace

As we wrap each other in blankets of lace

There is nothing we can’t do

Even though we are still brand new


Fall with me, down into pure light

Falling from such a great height

But we are not scared anymore

For a broken heart, love was the cure


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