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Fall, a time of tranquility and harmony, when warm weather takes its last steps before handing the reins to chilly, bitter winter. Season by season passes, but the mark of fall leaves its place on the world, filling all people with a sense of relief and joy.

Excitement touches all senses driving imaginations wild. During the Fall, cool weather, a refreshing feeling, blows past our rosy, marble cheeks. Loose leaves buckle like rusty hinges ready to unburden their heavy load. Trees whisper with the promise of tomorrow. Soon to be frosty air rustles the golden, amber, and brown leaves, kicked up into the pale, periwinkle sky creating patterns as they flutter to ground, and settle quietly for their Winter rest.

Fall smells tingle every inch of the body producing surges of electricity. Pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple pie set out to cool as the ravenous scavengers slyly eye their soon to be prize. Smoke files through the clogged chimney, attracting small children to its wondrous forms, while cold followers cluster close to warm their tender hands. Tiny children tucked in tight for bed gaze upon the light, which casts dancing shadows against the dimmed walls. Vivid, vibrant colors fill the minds of all, lying awake with images of mythical places.

Crops speckle the fertile land with golden and green stalks of immense height, towering over the tired, sleepy-eyed farmers as the growing season winds down the Fall. Fruits and vegetables wait for harvest. The plump, ripe orbs droop off the weighed-down shoulders of each plant. Families filter in and out of the house as their trips make tracks in the crispy dried, brown grass- crunch, crunch.

In late Fall, the human breath- a blank white wisp- pushes out of a chattering mouth into the absent wind. Fluffy, frosty clouds cover the gray luminescent sky, quickly fading with great haste, leaving scattered sections of unknown matter, liquidizing into small droplets of icy water. Brisk, bleak, wind startles young children as it lifts them lightly off their frigid feet. Brightly glowing and decorated houses line the dazzling streets of every neighborhood, as they mourn the last stages of fall, and welcome the coming days of winter.

People consider Fall just a season. But it is actually an event in a person's life that lies deeply and sincerely upon the heart. It creates a breath-taking image of a timeless, picture- perfect moment, when we realize the beauty of life upon our planet.

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