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i have faith in someday

a someday where it's you and me,
kissing and laughing and promising

because all i see when i dream of a
future, of a forever after ever, is you,
because you make me want to live
when every cell in my body begs for

i am surviving this for you, i am
facing off with the demons inside of
me for you

because baby, you make me feel like
happiness is possible, you make me
feel like i have a purpose, and that
purpose is you

all i want is to take care of you, to
brush your hair behind your ear, to
leave kisses trailed along your
collarbone, to treat you right and
watch your magic glow

there is not a single part of me that is
not desperate for you

there is not a single part of me that
does not scream in anguish at the
loss of you, glow at the sunshine
thought of you

because, baby, you are everything to
me, you sew my broken pieces back
together with just a look, just a smile,
a touch

you are the cement i use to hold
myself together, and i know that
something like what we have doesn't
just go away

the feelings i have flooding me day
in, day out, won't just go away

and i can be patient, i can wait, and i
will wait for this rocky sea to settle
and for you to look at me with love
like i do you

i will wait for that someday when i
can kiss you and call you mine and
treat you like everything you're

because i have faith in someday

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