Faith Restored

Sat, 12/05/2015 - 15:47 -- Lexi D.

Standing on the edge on the brink; Chaotically confused.
Tears fall faster than you can catch them.
Loud inner voices make it hard to think.
Your fears and reality have fused.

Questioning a higher power,
Only because you’re so unsure.
Everything is turned upside down.
At the given hour
Your heart is tore.

Walking along a path of uncertainty,
Dazed and lost; and hopeless.
It appears a change is unrealistic.
What happened to the love of plenty?
In my eyes I would look soulless.

The cloud that hung over my head,
Break apart and disperse,
As a light of warmth enters.
Counteracting everything I’ve said,
Crossing it out as a curse.

Lifted off my weary feet,
I feel the weight being lifted.
My strength is restored miraculously.
I should have never thought of defeat,
For my time is surely gifted.

I can see a better future in view.
One that consist of new a hope and gain.
All the storms have ceased,
My gray skies are now back bright and anew.
For His love kept me sane.

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