Faith & Confidence: Real Within Ourselves

Faith & Confidence: Real Within Ourselves


Worry not, for tomorrow

Will be brighter----

The sun shines in

Your corner

Dare not with uncertainty

Dare with a dream


Promise you’ll never

look back to the past

 And forget the unknown

While you’re at it


Go forth, climbing forward---

Steep Mountains that await

Great victory ahead

Become the cheerleader

That chants yes instead

Of negative no’s


Forget what others say---

Be yourself with pride

Question opposition with

All your might,

Head high like no other


Wear your clothes

Strong and proud---

Sweater, jeans, shoes, and all


When others question

The way we appear

Through a looking glass,

Tell them rightfully so---

Dare not with uncertainty,

Dare with a dream


Wear your body---

Arms, legs, and all

Strong with passion

Like the rays

Of our sun

Above our bluest sky


Dare I---

Dare I not

Forget the unquestionable

The universe is in our favor---

Negativity is forever blocked

Like a gate

To a forbidden path


Time is forever

But a minute is all

A minute is time

To be comfortable

Within the skin I’m in

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