Faith and a Backpack

We all want to be heard
To prove to everyone who we want to be
We want to fit in
To have relationships and for them to just see me
I often second guess myself
And ignore the charm of three

I'm soft spoken when I'm out in public
Yet this voice inside my head screams with my beliefs
It's taken years for me to finally get where I am today
And these restraints that once held me are working to break free
I must not be forced to decide
I must not try to hide
I will go where life takes me
I will learn to love and love to learn
I will find my way on this journey
I'll take my faith and a backpack, you'll see

I have blood, bones, and muscles to move
I have a heart, a brain, and two lungs to breathe
We are so fragile under all these clothes
Under our masks and straight down to the teeth
I change my mind a million times
But I'll take my faith and a backpack, you'll see.

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