Mon, 12/30/2013 - 14:49 -- ianjr96


Through my darkest hours, you are there to rescue me.

Holding my hand through every haunting path, you guided me.

However, while you were there with me through my dark times,

through my good times you accompanied me.

You allowed me to feel safe and secure when I laugh and feel warm with friends and family.


Faith has guided me through many times in my life where I didn't enjoying being,

a safe haven that I can flee to without any doubt or intrigue.

It travels with me everywhere I go,

Be it I go a far or short distance or altitudes of high or low.

It gives me strength and courage where there is nothing or anyone to raise me.

no matter the situation or task it is my friend, companion, family, religion, 

and comrade that will never part from my soul.



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