Fairy Tale


                  Fairy Tale
It wasnt love at first sight becuz i wasnt trying to look at him. 
Then he layed that smoothe charm on me so i just had to have him.
But at the time it was forbidden.
So i stayed hidden.
Then i got to thinking, why not just live my life.??
So i broke those chains of sadness and strife.
Finally, someone who i feel completely myself around.
Someone who was lost and now i found.
Yeah, i think niggas aint shit, but i found a man, not a nigga.
He wasnt some random ass nigga who wanted to get between my legs becuz he liked my physical appearance.
He was a man who wanted to kno what i had inside my mind and not in my victoria's secrets.
But as life went on things took a slight turn
Eventually his words began to burn
His actions were no longer my concern.
Then in my mind i had learned.
.......People change.
At first i thought i was flying high.
But that illusion called love knocked me out the endless sky.
I didnt understand why this was happening. we were so spotless of any faults,or so i thought.
But little did i kno i slowly,but surely became blind to all the wrongs.
Soon i was stuck, should i stay or should i go??
This was no longer a fairy tale, it was
life with what seems to be a never ending choice trail.


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