Failure's Shawdow Lurks over Me


  I thrive;
I achieve,
But Failure's shadow lurks over me,
And it won't let me be.
He' always waiting there for me
For he knows I am human.
I'm not perfect, and he knows,
So he scowls and waits
For the day he'll be my mate,
But I don't fall for his bait.
A lurid voice set on command;
Chill bumps run down even the most prime man;
Birds chirping turns to dusk;
His dark wings arise behind your guardian angel.
We cant escape his presence.
Humans are the key to his existence.
He's darkness in the day;
He's spiteful; yes, he knows.
I've seen His shadow prey over feeble men.
One day a man was running on Success Street
Until the day he lost his shoes.
The man reached dead end,
 However, the man must not fret
'Cuz then the man will tempt to be a trophy in Failure's coffer,
Yet the man didn't refuse to be his dark treasure.
A shot of whiskey, all it took
For Failure's shadow to subdue.
The man's eyes were set on black. 
One last shot of venom was all it took
Before the serpent struck his vein.
This man was now a red mark of Failure's victory.
The man went down with one mistake. 
A gloomy night
Goose bumps arose from everywhere.
I should've seen him coming .
I felt his shadow creeping;
He won't let me be.
 In that moment, at that time,
He go a hold;
He latched on;
He grasped my soul
And just like that his shadow was my soul,
But it was strange;
I had strength not  a whiskey full of disgust.
He made me thrive.
He made me achieve.
He made me who i am today.
He is my mate.
He pushes me to be a new me.
My mate who gave me the key to succeed                                                                                        
Could it be?
But why would the man lie meters below in the dirt?
                                                                                                                                                            As I close my eyes to sleep,
I realize that Failure trips us,
pushes us face-down in the dirt
yet he has one intention and that is to show us
That being great is never easy
Yet with his help it can be
if we chose the right direction.
 He is a beast misunderstood
 Who tries to make you reach your dreams,
And as I sleep I reach my dreams
While Failure's shadow lurks over me .
He is my alter-self,
And now I look for my mate to prowl over me.
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