Failure is something everyone dreads


Failure is something everyone dreads of experiencing; however, it's just another thing that makes up our complex lives.I know I have failed at things I am not proud of but life will continue to proceed.There is, however, one incident of failure that still bothers me today. It was about one and half years ago when I was playing in a AAU basketball tournament. My team was down by 2 points with about 30 seconds left to go in the game. After we ran a final play and set up one of my teammates for a shot he misses and I recover the rebound. I try for the put back shot but get fouled and head to the free throw line with less than two seconds left. I put up the first free throw and it's no good. My heart sank when it rimmed out of the basket.I had to miss the second one intentionally to attempt for one of my teammates to get the rebound and put up a last shot at the end.Unfortunately it didn't end that way. After that game, I didn't want to talk to anyone not even myself. I had felt like I let my team down and it was all my fault why we lost.Missing that shot changed the way I viewed the game of basketball because I've never been in that situation before. The pressure of the moment got the best of me.  I am now a better player having been through this experience. I am more comfortable with pressure decisions. I learned that not everything will turn out the way you want everytime.Then again this is life and it will continue to go on We live and we learn. 


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