Every single I touch seems to fail apart,

Every heart I love ends up broken and shattered apart.

I tried to love,

But I just wasn’t as good as the man above.


So I turned to education,

But regardless off how hard u tried I still faced rejection.

I tried to smile and show my honest affection.

I gave my level best, but it wasn’t enough to earn your trust, love and compassion,

Even when I gave my heart and honest devotion I still couldn’t measure up.


I let that dream die with a part of me,

And I gave my honest feeling with so much dedication, yet you still couldn’t see me.

All I ever wanted to be good at something for once, to make you proud and free,

But I guess I tried so hard to perfect the failure in me.

To the point where whenever you look at me it’s all you see.


After tears and tears I decided to play the guitar,

In hopes of smoothing your heart strings,

But somehow fate denied me that ability more times than Jesus was denied by peter.

Its like the more i try something new the more I just upset you and break the probability of a silverlining.

The more I sit in your presence or hear people boast of their achievements, the more life reminds me of the failure I am.

Seeing as to how bad that went I turned to writing but my words were just a baby’s first syllable in your ears.

The more I thought of this the more it reminded me of the failure I am.

  • Emmanuel Rayan Daka (The Red InkHeart)
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