I thought I was a successful person...

Got first place!

He called me a failure.

Received all A's!

He called me a failure.

Right on! 5 thousand dollar scholarship!

He called me a failure.

Student of the Month, again!

He called me a failure.

I succeeded why am I a failure?

He said, your definition of success is a misconception.

Success is not wealth.

Success is not prosperity.

Success is not fame.

Success is struggle. It is failure.

Success is not to live a good life, BUT the hard work you put into living that life even though you encounter hardships.

Success is the one who falls but gets back up and continues to fall BUT never gives up.

Success is the one who does good BUT needs to do 10x better.

Success is crying, exhausting your brain to breaking point to reach your goals.

Success is failure.

I am a successful person, the successful person that fails BUT perseveres.

Todo se puede en esta vida mientras uno lo quiera y el que quiera triunfar lo puedo ser. Pero primero tienen que caer para crecer.


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It's ok to fail. Life isn't always fair, but one should never give up no matter the situation one is facing, you have to keep on pushing through.

I just want to point out that this is my view of success and opinions differ:)

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