You try and try,
But things never go quite right.
You came up with 10 million ways to do it wrong and still can't do it right.
You feel their unimpressed eyes beam into your own.
You hate yourself for the curse that seems to follow your every move.

You try and try,
Never quite up to par with their standers-
You want to be great, but something inside you tells you, you will never, ever get there. 

"Failure! Failure!" Their eyes scream, you try to ignore it and go about your day, but you can't help but to feel like you're less than nothing.

"Failure! Failure!" You hear yourself scream as tears brim your eyes-
"I'm not! I'm not!" You scream in reply to your madness. But you know it doesn't matter because you're falling faster with every letter spelled out.

"Failure!" You scream from every cell in your body, but no one hears you, you must save yourself-

Good luck.

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