Failed Dreams

It was a late night at an Adam Lambert concert at the Rockefeller Plaza (New York) and I was in a mosh pit. Then someone punches me in my stomach and it hurt for a while, but I got over it. An hour later my abdomen was starting to hurt to the point I fell to the ground in a ball and started to scream and cry like an upset baby. My two best friends were next to me on each side and noticed that I was on the ground crying in a ball. They called the police and said; “We need an ambulance now at Rockefeller Plaza and please hurry!” The operator says; “We will get there as soon as possible!”


Hours later I woke up and saw that I was in a hospital bed. Both of my best friends on each side of the bed, the one on the left his name was Josiah Perkins. The other one on my right her name was Nneka Robinson and she said; “We have been waiting here the whole night waiting for you to wake up!” Then the doctor came in and said; “I called your mother and she will be here soon. Also you need to stay in bed and rest!” The nurse came in and told my friends that they need to leave so I can get some rest. I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep.

            While I was asleep the doctor told my friends that I have pancreatic cancer and that I have four to six months to live. When the doctor left, my two best friends accused each other for punching me and for causing me to have cancer. I woke up two hours later and my mother (Beth Burk) came in and was worried on how I ended up in the hospital. The doctor came in and said; “Ma’ me your son has pancreatic cancer and your son only has four to six months to live!” My mother responded; “Are you sure he has pancreatic cancer? Are you sure you aren’t mistaking my son with someone else?” Doctor said; “I am sorry ma ’me, but I am positive that your son has pancreatic cancer and no mistake about that!”

             After my mother left the days went by fast with nothing to do, but think about how I can change the United States and watch boring television all day. Within this time span I created a bucket list and this is what I have:

  1. Give 1 million dollar’s to the Cancer Charities
  2. Climb Mt. Everest
  3. Budgie Jump
  4. Sky Dive
  5. Go to Ceader Point
  6. Go to Walt Disney Land
  7. Go to Pairs
  8. Go to an African Safari
  9. Visit the big city of New York

Further on as the days go by I start to lose my hair. After five months went by my two best friends come in and saw on how horrible I looked. Nneka said; “I and Josiah are not friends any more, we are just here to see how you have progressed.” I nodded and went to sleep and never woke back up.

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