Fail Better

All I need is the reason I can smile

When I fail so miserably.

All I need is the source of

When I laugh so awkwardly.


People learn over time

So their tasks become a bore.

For me it never stops being fun.

Because I try and try some more.


Naysayers say when you fail,

You should just hang your head.

I've learned a new philosophy

That has me trying harder instead.


When you try and you fail,

You can feel awful sour.

Try again, fail again,

Soon you'll feel dour.


But the more you fail,

Down to the letter.

You'll see that you've been

Failing better and better.


When you fall down,

You should just rise.

Who cares if you trip,

When there's such a big prize?


At the end of the day,

What I need in my heart

Is to just fail better

And have a jumpstart.

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