Fake smiles.

Hardened hearts.

Words that sting like pin pricks.

Accepting things that needs not be,

Subsequently running back to those that cause it.

The pain is evident.

Unhappiness? Eminent.

These fake smiles heal nothing and are easily sensed.

All that you go through;

The fighting and the stress...

You must not know that I feel it too.

The yelling?

To much to even process.

Words spit like fire from a gaping obis,

What kind of love is this?

This sorrow, and this pain...

Demolishing all feelings, all emotion;

Substituting joy for an endless numbness.


That blank stare;

Focussing on nothing in particular.

A blaring voice screaming to get out,

But these chains of diceit?

They bind you to this unstable prison that has become your house.

A cry that is rising from the deep,

It is threatening to break your cool resolve;

Out of you it seeps.

And like a flickering candle meant to give off light,

Your brightness dims to a hollow glow;

Just like the fading of your hope.

This poem is about: 
My family


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