Faded lights

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 01:38 -- Shider


In the air of the night, a child screams in fright
As the red blazes accumulating the sky, knowing He is about to die
The child runs to his mom but she screams his name, he stops, frozen, as he feels the flame
His eyes lock to hers, and she knows without a doubt, that they always were, in and out
They existed, they still do, even if the death toll is listed, they are a people. 
There is love, honor and dignity. They are a people
There is faith, humbleness and humility. They are a people
Their world has been torn and blood has been lost but never will they stop until their world is just. 
They are strong and united, a people of one, with the oppressors hand, superseding the loss
Uncle Sam's big brother, crushing the weak
Hiding in a land, in which they do not seek 
They are taking and killing, but big brother says yes, go isreal, give them death
People cry from heartbreak but know it's truth
That the enemy targets none but the youth
They cry and cry but what can they do, the last victim was not but two 
She was the youngest of seven in a family of nine 
She was taking from this world, early of her time
A little boy tugs at his fathers leg
Please this I beg, don't let me die, I'm only five
I want to go to school, I want to learn, I want to be a doctor, to help in return
I want to be smart, just like you papa, 
But when morning comes, the doctors cannot sustain the trauma
The father failed his son, the sun is dead
There is no more light, for which once illuminated in the fathers head
Thru his sons eyes, which exist no more, he leaves this world from the ugly and gore
The world has awoken, the people have spoken
This is not a war but genocide
How can we, a free people, take the oppressors side
It is said, Palestinians fight like heroes, but for future generations to come, it will BE said, that heroes fight like Palestinians. 
In the air of the night, a child screams in fright. Knowing he will not live to see the mornings light. 


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