Fade Into Nothing

By: Tyree Jackson

A heart, beating in

your grimy hand

pulsating to rhythmic beats

underneath your skin.


Streams of blood flowing

from its chambers, seeping through

your tense grip.


The gaping hole in

my chest.


You've stolen me.


Arteries dangling,

still dripping what's left

of my life upon the floor.


I stare,

I stare into

the abyss of your eyes,

(I am scared)

then at the smirk upon your face.

(I cry)


The misery upon my face.

(tears glistening in my eyes)

trickles down to my chapped lips.


I run,

I run towards you

down the long hall

holding what's left of

air in my inflated lungs.


Numbness creeps within me,

my knees buckle; I fall.


Resting on my stomach,

stretching my arm out for

my heart back.


I exhale


Screaming from a tongue less mouth,


Your shadow dilates my pupils.

consuming me


making sorrowful tears turn crimson.

poisoning me


While I scream,

from a tongue less mouth,

Praying for a savior of my soul.


To heal the wounds

I hold.


And return me back to the place

where I wasn't alone.


He continues to stare

that sinister smirk still upon his face

And with my heart, motionless in place


I fade,

I fade away from the man he

was frightened to see.


And mold into a sculpture he

imagined me to be.











Shaynah Woody

You are exquisite. Check out my poems. They're similar in content. Very moving.


Hey your writing is fantastic , and I was wondering could you give me some advice on mine? I want to get better


Dark, haunting, and utterly beautiful. I enjoyed it very much.


ooooooh man! This was really good. You got me with the "Your shadow dilates my pupils" part!


Can you please be my mentor?


Wow. The grimmness of those words created an image I enjoyed seeing , reminding me that we still hold onto that even when we heal


could you be my mentor.

my poetry is along the lines of yours i write about mental health issues like depression and insanity so its quite dark.

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