Facing the Greatest Enemy


United States
40° 43' 24.7008" N, 74° 11' 50.5968" W

Too many times I settled for mediocrity
Embracing shiftless sloth over responsibility
Every day I’ll fight for my integrity
I wish I could say I found clarity
I spend more time sleeping than I do working
I use more strength eating than I do exercising
Currently I feel like a big fat sinner
Right now I am not your big winner
Personally I’m as abstinent as you get
But the TV. is what I need to quit
I came here to get a decent education
Except I’m still faced with self-aggravation
One day laziness will be the death of me
Probably won’t make it to the next century
I need to be discipline, I need to be firm
Why can’t I focus these things long term!


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