Alone in her despair
Staring at her “plain” face
Disgusted by the image

Shouting to her reflection, “You’re so hideous!”
She wonders why she hates herself
Lying down, crying herself to sleep

As her mind drifts away with low self esteem
Horrible thoughts attack her brain
And keep her awake, restlessly terrified

After failing to dream sweet dreams
She rose from her tear-stained pillow
Murmuring sweet nothings to soothe away the pain

Growing weary, she attempted to yawn
But could not open her mouth
For it no longer existed

Sprinting to the unforgiving mirror
Unable comprehend what she saw
She no longer held the option to scream

Shutting her eyes to hide the sight
Hoping to make the terror vanish
They became paralyzed, refusing to open

Permanently blinded by fear
Her eyelids disappeared
Along with her ability to cry

Her eyes, once glimmering and young
Were now vacantly nonexistent
Much like her knowledge of who she was

Disoriented, all she could take was a deep breath
Inhale, exhale, and repeat
Until her nose shrank to nothing

Breathing grew immensely laborious
As she fought to hold onto her life
While it slipped through her fingers

Gasping for air, her chest pounded violently
Her face was suddenly restored
Lips, eyes, nose, and all

Weeping tears of joy for her features
Vowing to love her image forevermore
As she celebrated no longer being faceless


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