Face of the World


United States
33° 56' 4.8336" N, 84° 35' 44.0628" W

How many people live on the earth?
One million, two million, three million, four?
Or are there millions and millions more?
We coexist, but the fighting doesn’t cease
(of course not, because that would be too much like world peace)
Maybe we wouldn’t fight if we knew what diversity means.

The usual: “Diversity means different”.
“Celebrating differences in culture, language, and lifestyle
Is what makes diversity worthwhile”.
Pride envelops those who utter this response,
But the real answer comes with experience.

Respect, tolerate, accept and embrace
These are the words that diversity creates.
Not just the differences that make us unique
But also the similarities that make life sweet
When we learn to love despite our differences
And not make so much fuss about appearances
And treat the world as if we were brothers,
Diversity would mean both, not just one or the other.

I think the U.S. describes it best
When she included in her nation’s crest
A Roman statement with great appeal
And a lot of heartfelt zeal.
E pluribus Unum
Out of many, one.
The face of the world
Can turn towards the sun.
Differences united, to create one soul,
Hopefully one day, diversity will make humanity whole.



I like it :) If I had a facebook, I'd like it. :)


This is tight as heck. Lovin' it.

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