Face Value

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 19:56 -- aseach


What would most people change if they could?

Their appearance.

No one ever fits the standards.

She's never pretty enough.

He's never masculine enough.

He isn't a good enough athlete.

She isn't the best socializer. 

She is too big.

He is too scrawny. 

Their family life.

No one ever has the perfect life.

He doesn't have a nice enough car.

She doesn't have the trendiest clothing.

His family can't afford college. 

Neither can hers.

What would I change? 

I would make the world less superficial. 

Who cares about your looks.

Who cares about your clothes.

Who cares about your weight.

Who cares about your athletic ability.

All that should matter is if you love yourself. 

You are who are. Society shouldn't be the one to define you.

Write your own story, be you, and be happy. 


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