Face It.

We live in a world where we allow Facebook to run and control every situation we face.Even in our relationships we ran to Facebook to relay shit. When we in our feelings of course let's get on Facebook and see how we relate to other people statuses.Feeding off Facebook madness and lacking in our marriages. After we done on Facebook let's face it. We still have to face the book of life. We still have to view the many faces of our husbands children and wives.And the look on my face I swear tells it all. I'm done facing all of the lies you spoke into existence. The broken promises you made me I should've wrote em in a book instead of on Facebook.The immaturity and the immorality had given you a different look. And yet I tried to hold on to the vows that we both took. But I promise when this is over and the status change. You will have to face it. Added me as a friend to be nosey was so basic. Miscommunication and blind to how I'm feeling.Don't worry cause I don't need an explanation.I'll post the break up on Facebook and kill the the hard feelings by writing on every page and space in my book. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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