Face Off

I'm Gunning For War
I'm Gunning For More
Turning Back To The Way It Was
Learn To Just Show Me Love
Starting Over, That What Many Do
Assuming The Saying "To Become A Better You"
Putting Pressure On Making A Change
A Steady Schedule Is Getting Rearranged
Two People With Only One Name
No Time To Choose Which One To Blame
Determined To Stay On This Mission
Many Will Talk, No One Will Listen
Found Out How To Be A Good Friend
Wonder Why Its Just Me In The End
Took My Time To Get It Right
Braced Myself For Any Fight
Mask On, Face Off
My Own Happiness Is A True Loss
I'm Gunning For War
I'm Gunning For More
Turn Back To The Way It Does
I Only Knew How To Show Me Love

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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