F in a Box

Old friend,

look at me now.


As of late

I have taken over the minds of the privileged

drawing them in

playing with their words

like a musician does strings.


I bought you out,

and ran you out of town.

Once used for the same reason I now succeed

but now you’re a distant memory.


Now I,

my friend,

have risen above, below, and all around you.

You “M” trapped in a box replaced by me,

who chopped off your two right legs,

and built myself from the ashes of your foundation.


Upon the dawn of your fall,

your subjects woke to a new era of social interaction,

by which I took the web by storm.

They now turn on their devices

and log into me,

taking their morning,

one message, one click, one picture at a time,

sending next month’s plans into today’s



Your followers like to poke me

and no longer need you in that space

you once filled.

Over 40 million strong and growing

because I have grown more famous than you

ever had.

You whose memory could not be salvaged

by your attempt at a “reboot.”

And as I grow in numbers,

my heart does crack as yours once did.


These drones I have created do not know me

but you my friend,

you have.

You have seen those pictures go viral,

and I have played a part in it all.

Their broken dreams and sold hearts,

their lost lives and broken backs.

You’ve seen him dump her

and upgrade to her friend.

I have seen old lovers’ flames sink marriages

like ice to the Titanic.


Old friend,

I have broken more hearts than

I have lit flames.

I have caused more deaths than you could

had ever handled.

I have thrown destruction, depression, and

chaos into homes

without needing much more than the undivided attention

of an ignorant mind.

I carry on my shoulders those suicide notes

of their brothers, sisters, sons, and


and I can bear no more.


Old friend,

if you could see me now,

I would beg you to please

bring me from this Face I have been in.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote this poem to express my thoughts on social media platforms and the negative impact they have in our lives when not used responsibly.

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