Eyes Wide Open


The sewing of me

Into my mother's womb
were precious moments
to you.

You foreshadow the bliss to come.
You look down upon me
from Heaven,
As the eras of Love
were plentiful.
Eyes wide open...
When I had replaced
My joy with sorrow,
And tribulation began to 
chase me throughout my days;
You were vigilant,
And you shielded me,
When I thought you had forsaken me;
You carried me.
And thats why you said
I'd seen one set of footprints.
I thought they were my own.
But you reminded me. 
I closed my own eyes
scared from worry.
I knew not ,
Of the obstacle in front of me,
But you were ready.
Eyes wide open.

Stress had strained me
Til my back grew aches
And my feet formed blisters.
That was nothing,
you said. 
You took mercy on me.
And gave me grace.
Lord, you understood me and my circumstance.
You took my hand
and guided me.
Eyes wide open.

You alone are God.
This I believe.
Under all my sinful dirt,
Behind my shadows that lurked distrust
in you,
You searched for the light in me.
Eyes wide open.

I am a child of God,
And he is my keeper.
It is through His great stature 
And righteousness,
that I am never alone.


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