The Eyes of Tremaine

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 10:46 -- Suzzann

Cinderella knew her wealth wouldn’t last

For when the market crashed

At the mercy of the dollar

Her blue dress became a blue collar.


She works for the human, but not humane

Stalked by the unmerciful eyes of Tremaine.

If her orders she does not obey

She will not eat for another day.


The machines sliced her thumb

But help would never come

Now she’d get in trouble

And if she bled on the product, it’d be double.


The rats that scurry across the floor

That she used to abhor

Now she has given each a name

And an interesting life, one she could never reclaim.


This life she was forced to condemn

Is only a number to them.

On this pathetic income

Existence is the only outcome.


Not enough to live

A crime she can’t forgive

Not enough to die

Working in a pigsty.


The government turns a blind eye

Politicians won’t even try

When their extra profits rely

On a factory hidden from the public eye.


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