Eyes Once Open, Now Are Closed Shut


Our eyes were once open, and now are closed shut.


At that moment we got the notion that our freedom was stolen a problem arose.


There was already a problem, but they put another one on top and they seem to pile upwards to a spiteful gaze that cannot be shut by closure but only met by distrust and spite from the people who are supposed to trust them but can't.


Maybe we weren't supposed to trust everything but something is better than nothing from the authority godhead that was established to sweep the evil from our streets, to create a world free from creeps and grant us a good night's sleep.  We thought they would keep their promises to show us the full scene. Now their streets are too clean.


What can you do when the eyes that share are blinded? When we are told lucid means clouded? When you try to get a point across and it just comes off as a lost message? Your audience won't care, but you have conflicting ideals to theirs.


When I was growing up I believed this country was powerful but sympathetic. Emphasis on 'was', and that's only because I ask: how can something lawful thrive when the eyes watching it grovel in the law's jails? Pathetic! This isn't cherishing a national gospel, but now that must be a fossil anyways so why bother following it? Just give up the fight, Right?


I can only hope that the societal rope keeps weaving us together like family, because that's who we need right now. We need eachother in times like this, where social media is dissed and we can all only wish that the world comes to see the total hypocracy of these statements! Don't they even see what they've cut?


No, I suppose not. Their eyes were once open, and now are closed shut.


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