In the Eyes of a Native American


We welcomed the white men into our home

Little did we know that they would be our emperors of Rome

Burning down the earth that we've always known

Scavenging the place we once called home


We gave them our precious land

The land our ancestors saved us

The land that our creator gifted us with his own bare hands

There was no time allotted to adjust

To them, we were mere animals- dust

Bombarded with the burden of mistrust


Justice was simply not on our side

By their rules we were forced to abide

We saw through their vicious lies

They wanted to eliminate our culture, our lives

Forced us to bleed and watch our children die

Were they so angry that they could not diminish our pride?


We traveled away with tears

Our differences were the things they feared

They carried the so called burden of gravity

While we perished in our own reality


When we arrived upon the barren land

There was nothing but death and sand

This is our fate

We gave them everything within our plate

And they just laughed and spit in our face

Is this what they call... the American race?


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